D700 FX vs D300 DX

December 9, 2009 Featured
D700 view

“Wohohoho!” <– that was what I “said” when I saw the first shots taken with the D700.

New D700

November 3, 2009 Reviews
Cat on a hot thin spoof

Ok, finally I bit. Considering the approaching holiday season, the closing in of the Christmas time, I jumped the ship to a different league and got myself a D700. Almost a year ago, I wrote a review after I spent a couple of days with a D700. Quite reluctant to spend at that time, but […]

Considerations about D300

November 22, 2007 Featured

Until recently I had a D80 and I also wrote a review about it. So I think it would be useful for you, D80 owners and D300 prospect buyers, to have some clues about what this D300 is about from a former D80 user. I will update my review as I’ll be getting into more […]