My personal impressions on selected gear

Given you buy something, is that really worth the money ? From my point of view it depends. For example, lately I am using very cheap, old lenses, +20 years or so, mainly AiS. What I found is that the quality they deliver is a very good match to the most modern ones but just almost two grands less in price. On the other side, I have a 24-70 f/2.8 and the 14-24, both stellar and modern. So it really depends. Anyway, let’s find out some of my impressions.


August 30, 2010 Cameras
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My new toy arrived today. What a beauty ! The 35mm f/2.0 has a superb bokeh and it fits like a glove to my D700. I’m currently sold to AIS lenses. Can’t wait for the next: the 105 f/1.8.

Canon HFS10 Review — II. Look & feel

January 21, 2010 Featured
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Man, this gadget rocks! Those were the first footages I had the chance to take under proper light…

Canon HFS10 Review — I. First impressions

January 15, 2010 Reviews
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Impressive piece of equipment, IMO unbeatable at its price level…

Winter is here, Christmas is near

December 10, 2009 Posts in english
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Winter came and the holidays are close. Each year I feel the same thrill which dates back from my childhood since Santa’s visit and my birthday were so close one to another. But what surprises will bring this Holiday Season ? Another D800 or D700x for Nikon gear hunters ? Another AF-S lens ? Maybe a […]

D700 FX vs D300 DX

December 9, 2009 Featured
D700 view

“Wohohoho!” <– that was what I “said” when I saw the first shots taken with the D700.

New D700

November 3, 2009 Reviews
Cat on a hot thin spoof

Ok, finally I bit. Considering the approaching holiday season, the closing in of the Christmas time, I jumped the ship to a different league and got myself a D700. Almost a year ago, I wrote a review after I spent a couple of days with a D700. Quite reluctant to spend at that time, but […]

Considerations about D300

November 22, 2007 Featured

Until recently I had a D80 and I also wrote a review about it. So I think it would be useful for you, D80 owners and D300 prospect buyers, to have some clues about what this D300 is about from a former D80 user. I will update my review as I’ll be getting into more […]