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This is another hobby of mine. I don’t practice it for money, just for fun. Lately I went back to some lost memories about film and darkroom processing and I rediscovered the pleasure of black and white on traditional media. I own Nikon gear, a D700 with some lenses and an FM2n that I got from KEH, a wonderful piece of equipment.

Lost in This Masquerade

December 16, 2010 Photo

Lost in This Masquerade, originally uploaded by trevager. What can be done with a point and shoot, a camera surrounded by controversies but nevertheless worth having.

Cer de iarnă incertă

December 13, 2010 Articole în română
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Cat toys

November 18, 2010 Photo
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35mm f/2.0 AIS

November 18, 2010 Featured
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I sometimes wonder did the world go bonkers ? Nikon announced a new, improved version of the 35mm f/1.4 prime and proudly marketed it with a >$2,000 price tag. Which in Europe is the same number but different currency. Almost a fortune for… what ? Ok, I understand: better optics, nano-stuff, AF-S ultrasonic, better autofocus, […]


August 30, 2010 Cameras
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My new toy arrived today. What a beauty ! The 35mm f/2.0 has a superb bokeh and it fits like a glove to my D700. I’m currently sold to AIS lenses. Can’t wait for the next: the 105 f/1.8.

Some flowers for a special event

May 25, 2010 Featured
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Beautiful flowers for such a special event ! From our wedding in May. Enjoy.

Just a snap, this evening

February 4, 2010 Featured
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“And she purred in content, because she was a good Cat.”

A downtown walk

February 1, 2010 Photo
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Photos taken with 14-24, during a weekend walk in Bucharest.

Telephoto Cycle Poco Camera

May 2, 2008 Photo
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Telephoto Cycle Poco Camera Originally uploaded by nikonion Yesterday I went to the National History Museum where they have a quite interesting exhibition about cities of Romania. Some of the objects were these, old photographic cameras. A bit of history: “Made by Rochester Camera Mfg. Company, this 4×5 folding camera used film plates and came […]

This is what 39,200 GigaBytes looks like.

April 1, 2008 Photo
39 terrabyte

This is what 39,200 GigaBytes looks like. Originally uploaded by Daveblog Backup tapes. O fotografie dintr-o idee simplă. Simpatic, nu ?