Winter is here, Christmas is near

by mobileblogger on December 10, 2009

Winter came and the holidays are close. Each year I feel the same thrill which dates back from my childhood since Santa’s visit and my birthday were so close one to another.

But what surprises will bring this Holiday Season ? Another D800 or D700x for Nikon gear hunters ? Another AF-S lens ? Maybe a couple of primes and a new affordable zoom for DX lovers ? Or some constant F/4 telezooms for birding or plane shooters ?

Actually no one knows exactly, but one thing is for sure, if a D800/D700x will come, bookmark this and jump to this site to read about it since I will be one of the first to play with it. And some movies will be also available on youtube, and some more goodies. Until then, read further to find out about some coming articles and reviews I’m preparing for December.

Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm next to Nikkor 14-24 – which is better ?

Nikon 14-24mm next to Zeiss Distagon 18mm. Which is better ?

Is the Distagon up to 14-24's reputation ?

I had the opportunity to play a bit with the 18mm Distagon from Zeiss and taking some shots, same shots, with the 14-24 from Nikon. This is one of the reviews I’m preparing, purely from the user perspective, and with some first-line impressions about color, contrast, sharpness, handling, strengths and weaknesses.

Nikon 14-24mm F/2.8 Nano

Given the above, I took the freedom to challenge the web and see if this lens is up to its reputation. Since I don’t guide myself by MTF data and scientific reviews (I leave them for those much better prepared than me), I will dive deep into this magnificent lens’ capabilities and test it on the field, as much as I can. Then I will post photos to be viewed. Best reviews are done visually, in actual light, settings and condition, not in the lab.

Nikon 14-24mm F/2.8 - close focus

Nikon 14-24mm F/2.8 - close focus

Zeiss lineup for Nikon – the ZFs

I will start this series of review, one at the time: each lens from Zeiss will be reviewed and lots of photos and thoughts will be added on these pages. This is a lengthier enterprise which will probably cover 2 or three months, but I hope you will find it useful.

Nikon 50mm F/1.4 AF-S vs. Sigma 50mm F/1.4

Another classic comparison, but given the scarcity of side-by-side photos from these two lenses on the net, I decided to post my collection of samples taken with both these lenses under same conditions, no controlled light, just “on the field” assignment.

And, the bonus, maybe a new FX from Nikon. A body, I mean. But, who knows ? Stay tuned.

And, oh yes… Happy Holiday Season to you all ! Have some pumpkin:

Autumn colors

Autumn colors

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